Cherry Good
The deeper the roots the higher the reach

As a business that is family owned and operated, our story is centered around those close-knit family members that make this operation possible. Our roots trace back to 1800, when the first generation of the BouKhaled/Abiyounes family settled in Hammana, Lebanon. Coming from the Akoura region, our family was able to transform the land with their experience, knowledge and abundant farming heritage.

Based in Hammana, Lebanon, our company specializes in tree fruits and takes pride in growing, packaging, shipping, and marketing our products to stores locally and on an international level.

Today, the family is working in conjunction with USAID/Lebanon and RMF Foundation, and has completed the process of replanting over 1200 Cherry Trees in Hammna in one of the regions first cherry orchards that is credited with making Hammana famous for its delicious cherries. We have also inspired an entire Village and continue to support local farmers.