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GRABIT SARL is committed to bettering the world we live in. In 2016, GRABIT SARL. started a fundraiser with
Organizer WBDD Achrafieh 2020 (Gemayze) : Donner Sang Compter With the help of our team members, suppliers, vendors and our communities, we were able to present Donner Sang Compter with a generous donation. We look forward to continuing this fundraiser for years to come.


One of our highest priorities is the safety of our products. All of our facilities adhere to well recognized food safety standards. This includes good agricultural and good manufacturing practices in our farms, as well as Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures. Our growers and warehouses strive to have the highest levels of Quality Assurance Certifications such as Global Cap and Primus Audits.

We carry out food safety research projects that include validating temperature requirements for shelf life, sensory evaluation of current and future varieties and evaluation of promising biocides for washing and sanitizing products and processing lines. We provide detailed records and controls to deter bio terrorism threats and ensure traceability for all of our products.

We, with our growers, recognize our responsibility to operate in a sustainable manner. At GRABIT SARL we have established environmental and social policies and procedures along with programs that protect and sustain the environment, ensure the safety of our products and promote the well-being of our employees and the communities in which we operate. All of our sustainability programs are based on rigorous internal policies and systems as well as widely accepted international standards. To ensure full compliance, our environmental programs are audited, both internally and externally, and have been certified.

We implement environmentally sound, economically viable and socially acceptable management practices aimed to preserve protect and efficiently use our natural resources. We believe that conservation and protection is fundamental to both quality of life and economic well being, now and in the future.

At GRABIT SARL., we understand the importance of reducing the use of products that may impact the environment and human health, as well as the importance of reusing and recycling waste. Maintaining clean and orderly operations by recycling and reducing waste is a top priority for us.

We are working with all of our growers adhere to GS1 Traceability Protocols which gives us the ability to trace our fruit back to the original block the fruit was grown in. This is important for many reasons, including improving food safety by being able to quickly and accurately remove potentially harmful products from our supply chain.